Sep. 26th, 2014 05:53 pm
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The infamous How's My Driving post. Please don't hesitate to point out anything at all you think I could do better in playing the elder Pines twin! Anon is turned on and IP logging is off, and if there's some complaint on something you think I'm doing wrong, please put it here as well. I promise I'll respond with my own thoughts on how to handle things and hopefully all critiques will create a better overall character that is, at the core, entirely Mabel Pines.
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"Welcome to Mabel's Secret Hotline! This is Mabel Pines: the cute, the funny, the oh-so-fabulous! I'm not here to answer your call right now, but if you leave your name, your number, you address, and any other methods of communication, I will get right on this thing of contacting you back. In fact, I'll even make it easy for you!

Press one if you need fashion makeover advice. [whispers] I'm there for you.

Press two if need relationship advice from love guru Mabel the Able! And then send a smoke flare and I'll be right there, so long as I'm not busy with other things, like number three~

Press three if you are a cute boy. And then leave a message, if you have a message. You don't have to have a message, you know. Don't strain yourself so much that you don't call at all, because I can totally provide the messages for you so long as you do call! I've got a great imagination like that. [giggles] And great conversation skills... I can take care of the entirety of our conversations for you if you're shy, so don't worry! [aggressive whisper] Be my boyfriend.

And if there's anything else, then feel free to tell me here: Mabel's hotline services are entirely free and confidential, so don't hesitate to tell me all your hot, juicy secrets~ just leave that message. We'll talk."
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